2017 Traveler Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, when the turkey gives way to holiday shopping.  If you know someone who loves to travel or is planning a trip next year, I’ve compiled a list for some great gifts with the traveler in mind.  Most of the products listed here are ones I’ve used myself (or are on my wish list – hi Mom and Dad haha). So you can trust that the gifts will be worth it.  Here’s my traveler gift guide for the 2017 holiday season!

traveler gift guide

Traveler Gift Guide

Kindle Paperwhite

I am OBSESSED with reading.  While I tend to prefer hard copy books while I’m at home, lugging around 10 heavy books is just not feasible on the road.  Kindle solves that problem – you can have thousands of books at your fingertips to read on the plane, in your hotel, or on a nice stop in a Parisian coffeeshop.  Buy it on Amazon here ($89.99)

Book Recommendations

What’s a kindle without some good books?  Here are some of my favorite books I’ve read this year!


Moleskine Notebook

These are my favorite journals to carry on the road. Make it a point to write about your trips. You’ll love (or cringe) reading back through them years later.  Buy them here on Amazon ($18)

 moleskine journal

Fujifilm X-T20 Digital Camera

I currently shoot with a DSLR, but I’m hoping to switch over to a mirrorless camera in the next year and hopefully up my photography game.  I’ve read great reviews of this beauty!  Plus, it’s a bit more compact than my bulky DSLR.   Buy it on Amazon here ($899)

Lo and Sons Camera Bag

It’s a little pricey, but I LOVE this camera bag.  I’m all about carrying a purse you would in normal life while you are traveling.  No ugly backpacks or money pouches for me.  This camera bag is stylish, made of durable leather, and easily fits my camera, phone, wallet and guide book.  It’s a cross body with a front clasp so pickpockets will have a hard time stealing from you.  It’s a splurge item I definitely recommend! Buy at Lo and Sons ($300)

traveler gift guide

Delsey Carry On Luggage

I may have hijacked this bag from my boyfriend because I love it so much.  It’s the perfect carry-on size, sturdy, and sleek looking.  Good luggage is always something you should splurge on – it’s never fun having a cheap suitcase break as you’re running through the airport trying to catch your flight!  Buy it here on Amazon ($72)

PacSafe Portable Safe

If you are traveling solo or if you want to make sure your valuables are safe, this bag is perfect! You can attach it anywhere in your hotel and rest easy while you are out exploring.  I used it in hostels across Europe and never had a problem.  Buy it on Amazon here ($45)

TOMS Classic Shoes

This is my favorite travel shoe!  I wore these babies every day during my 6 weeks in Europe.  I never once had a blister or sore feet – they are SO comfortable.  They are versatile as well.  I wore them with shorts/pants but also paired them with a dress or skirt for a fancier look.  They are my must-haves when traveling!  Buy them on Amazon here ($35)

In-Flight Care Package

Flying can be really harsh on the skin.  I always left feeling dehydrated and gross until I started packing these few things in my carry on.  For a girl on the go in 2018, these will be lifesavers!  Create a unique in-flight care package!

 This moisturizer smells amazing and keeps your face hydrated!

This gel keeps the under-eye bags away.

For layovers with no time to shower, these wipes keep you feeling fresh!

I fill these with my regular shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

  I love bags like this that keep everything in one place!

Platypus Water Bottle

Help save the environment and take a re-usable water bottle on your trip.  I love the Platypus bottles because they lie flat in your suitcase and are easy to fit in a purse or backpack.  Buy it here on Amazon ($8.95)


Help your traveler find their next destination with a classic globe!  Buy in on Amazon ($55)

Happy Shopping!

traveler gift guide
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