3 Must Visit Castles in the Loire Valley

When we made plans to visit my boyfriend’s hometown near the Loire Valley, I knew we had to spend a day chateau hopping. The Loire Valley is a beautiful region in central France with over 300 castles. It’s even a UNESCO World Heritage site. Needless to say, I couldn’t miss a chance to visit a few beautiful French castles! We woke up with the sun to get an early start to the day; the first castle was a 2-hour drive from the little village we stayed in, Chatellerault. I didn’t want to waste any sunlight in the late-November day. Our first glimpse of the massive castle was down a long tree-lined driveway still painted the color of fall. I immediately imagined myself as a sixteenth century queen making my way home from a hunt on a horse-drawn carriage. Our day exploring the must visit castles in the Loire Valley had officially begun!

must visit castles in the loire valley